Confetti in the Rain

Confetti in the Rain by Minna Von Walden It was time to start again. I left the pain and emptiness behind. All of the people who hurt me, and all of the circumstances… Continue reading

Broken Promises Have Made Her

Broken Promises Have Made Her by Minna Von Walden Her eyes were swollen, her head was pounding. One by one, the tears fell from her eyes. Sometimes slowly, sometimes swiftly. With each broken… Continue reading

She Watched

She Watched by: Minna Von Walden The heavens can change our hearts without us even noticing until it’s done. But, then again, there are some changes that we see coming. Gradually, slowly, we… Continue reading

When I Lose My Marbles

When I Lose My Marbles by: Minna Von Walden As a writer of fiction and a thinker of deep thoughts and possibilities, I can’t help but wonder of my experiences as I age… Continue reading


FOLLOW by: Minna Von Walden Soft music from up the stairs, a song he recognized; her favorite tune. At the top of the stairs, quietly he listened. A glimpse of her, through the… Continue reading