The Girl and the Fish

The girl and the fish In a room full of people, she feels watched, surrounded like the entertainment. Small like a fish gazed at through thick glass. She becomes jealous of the fish.… Continue reading

Lethal Flaws and the Almost Impossible

Lethal Flaws and the Almost Impossible by Minna Von Walden I wonder sometimes why it is so difficult to find happiness. Why do I always find lethal flaws in a relationship. Why do… Continue reading

What is?

What is? by Minna Von Walden What is spring without color Without flowers to bloom or sunshine to soak up No beautiful colorful blossoms Or the sweet smell of rose buds To tell… Continue reading


  Overtaking by Minna Von Walden She sat there, feeling the music deep within her. Classical piano, drowning out all other sounds, even the ones in her. She heard only the piano melodies.… Continue reading

The Darkness Hides

The Darkness Hides by Minna Von Walden The twilight and the stars, the vast beauty in the dark sky. A million flowers, a thousand hearts all covered in the darkness. Tucked away until… Continue reading

A Puzzle I’ve Never Seen

A Puzzle I’ve Never Seen by Minna Von Walden A recurring sense of not belonging has found its way to me yet again. I don’t really fit anywhere. As if I belong on… Continue reading

Out of Place

Out of Place by Minna Von Walden Help me, I am not feeling myself right now. Feeling sort of out of place at the moment. As if I don’t belong here in this… Continue reading

Take Me

Take Me by Minna Von Walden Take me. Take me far from where we are, from who I have become. Take me away, take me somewhere, anywhere away from what I’ve become. From… Continue reading


Darkness by Minna Von Walden Something dark, just along the edges of sanity. Emotions hiding in the shadows, screaming to escape. Pleading with the light to wrap around the curves. Wrap around and… Continue reading

Fine, Wide Lines

Fine, Wide Lines by Minna Von Walden I’m always on that fine line of holding on and walking away. Maybe it’s not such a fine line, but maybe just a line that’s there… Continue reading