Desire to be free

Desire to be Free by Minna Von Walden The desire to be free to dance about the earth, the same as the sunshine as it pours through the clouds dripping from cloud to… Continue reading

That Kind of Man

That Kind of Man by Minna Von Walden She always found a spot at the back of the restaurant, out of the way, away from most people. Eating alone, as usual, she watched… Continue reading

Long exposure night sky

Long Exposure Night Sky by Minna Von Walden A dream of a dream Of icy, snowy grounds Familiar as the day Traveled with accuracy Even with eyes closed. A dream of a night… Continue reading

Not Yet

Not Yet by Minna Von Walden She found herself sitting in a crowded gymnasium. It was full of children, parents, aunts and uncles, and so many other people. Sometimes she really enjoyed these… Continue reading

Hold Onto the Pain

Hold Onto the Pain by Minna Von Walden When my heart is broken, or even just a little bruised, I try to hold onto that moment, or moments. What it feels like, how… Continue reading


weak. She’s exhausted, she needs arms to catch her. Her body is weak, she needs arms to carry her. Her heart is heavy, she needs compassion to cure her. Love, his love. photo… Continue reading

Find the Dark Corner

Find the Dark Corner by Minna Von Walden Alone, alone in a room full of people. I don’t want to be here. Not here, not anywhere with so many faces, so many minds,… Continue reading

Less Beautiful

Less Beautiful by Minna Von Walden Somehow the world doesn’t seem as beautiful as it once did. The sun not as bright The flowers not as colorful Smiles not as brilliant As they… Continue reading

You Are Different

  You Are Different by Minna Von Walden She stands at the sink in the restroom, washing her hands. She glances up into the mirror. At that moment, She almost does not recognize… Continue reading

This Life is Not Mine

This Life is Not Mine by Minna Von Walden Why, Why must I be here? Why was I placed in this life, this body, this life? Will I ever have happiness? A complete… Continue reading