I Met You as a Teenager

  I met you as a teenager, I didn’t like you much. Teenage you was quite the punk. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a blistering hot day, the… Continue reading

The question was simple

  The question was simple. What if you lost the one you love, your lover. What if you lost that person to death? The thought unimaginable to me, only fear of the loss.… Continue reading

What is You Interest in Me?

A lonely tears escapes from the corner of my eye as I question your interest in me. Why would an amazing man like you, want to be with me? My heart falls in… Continue reading

Are We Strangers Now?

“There are, at times, those awkward moments that you meet your former lover, face to face, for the first time after you became something other than lovers. That something lingering between lover and… Continue reading

My Dearest Depression

Dear Depression, We’ve become rather inseparable over the years. I think that we know each other quite well at this point. You’re my sidekick through every dim and dark moment. You’ve been with… Continue reading

Does it go away?

Does it really ever go away, I mean, go away forever? Depression, it’s there a real cure? Personally I think there could be in a rare instance, but for the majority, I don’t… Continue reading


I hate leaving the warmth and safety of your arms. Every time, I curse the alarm for letting it be morning already. This morning when I stretched over to silence the alarm for… Continue reading


Hello, my name is Tiffany. I’m Minna’s uterus.  I like bubble baths, chocolate, red wine, white wine, sleeping, lying on the beach, and most of all, Minna’s boyfriend. He keeps me happy. Minna’s… Continue reading


Thoughts of you invading my mind. Memories floating to the surface. Thoughts of you coming to life. I push them back, back to where they came. But like a Styrofoam plate, thrown into… Continue reading

The sheets and blankets

I love the simple moments we share. Can I tell you about one of the moments I love repeating over and over? It’s those moments when we first get into bed. I pull… Continue reading