This is my destination

This is My Destination by Minna Von Walden ‘Women should never travel alone’, he said as I stepped from the boat onto the sea soaked wood boards of the dock. But, this was… Continue reading


Begging by Minna Von Walden She lays in her bed, tears soaking her face. Streaming down her neck. Praying to her creator to fix her broken life. Begging and pleading with every ounce… Continue reading

I get lost in the pain

I get lost in the pain by Minna Von Walden I get lost in the pain, I lose me, I lose life, I lose willpower, productivity, intentions, love, thought, everything. I find myself… Continue reading

Depression lies

Depression Lies by Minna Von Walden Laying in bed because you don’t want to face the reality of your life. That’s what depression feels like. Parts of it anyway. Knowing there are people… Continue reading

Today I don’t care

Today, I don’t care! by Minna Von Walden I don’t care if they like me, or if they think I’m pretty, smart, talented, I don’t care! I don’t care if they accept me.… Continue reading

He was gone

He Was Gone by Minna Von Walden It was a beautiful summer day. A clear sky above, with warm beautiful sunlight trickling down through the air. The walkway from the driveway to the… Continue reading

The world stopped

The world stopped. by Minna Von Walden Pale pink arms, bare against the summer air. Chestnut hair blowing in the ocean breeze. The smell of salt, the sounds of the ocean. Sand under… Continue reading

To the Mirror With Tears

To the Mirror With Tears by Minna Von Walden She stood in front of the mirror, looking at her reflection. Watching the tears fall from her eyes. She felt like she was invisible,… Continue reading

It’s Hard to See Through the Tears

It’s Hard To See Through The Tears by Minna Von Walden For years, I’d put away my pen and paper when I was sad or heartbroken. I’d say, ‘it’s hard to see through… Continue reading

Crystal Cage

Crystal Cage by Minna Von Walden He saw the pain in her eyes. The silent screams for help. As the world watched her slowly fade away, he studied her face. Her eyes watched… Continue reading