Tequila Soaked Prose, it’s Poetry Today

Tequila soaked prose. I love you. I write of you, in my tequila soaked prose. The foggy bliss of my tequila euphoria. I write of you. I love you, in my tequila soaked… Continue reading

My Heart was Fighting to Beat

I woke up in the middle of the night, for the second time this week, something feeling wrong with my body. I felt like the weight of the air was crushing my chest,… Continue reading

But for now, It’s Darkness

There are days that I hesitate before writing yet another sad and depressive piece of writing — I fear pushing people away with my gloomy sadness. Today I considered the possibility that hesitating or even… Continue reading

Bourbon and Coffee, Like the Hands of a Lover

It’s been a long day, I’m tired and tired of the world screaming around me. I go to bed at my usual time, snuggle with my blanket for twenty minutes not wanting to… Continue reading

This feels like Torture

I feel tortured. This love feels like pure torture. I don’t want to beg you to love me. It kills me to know that I silently beg you to need me. When does… Continue reading

He loves me through Depression

I wonder why he stays with me. Life isn’t easy, and my life is one obstacle after another. Living with depression is like that. There are good days and bad days, then there… Continue reading

I used to drink a Lot

My dearest Love, I used to drink a lot. Back before I met you, the man I love. Not in an alcoholic way, but I’d just drink a lot. A couple of shots… Continue reading

I don’t wish you pain and Heartbreak

Sometimes we can take breakups hard, most times we do, especially if it wasn’t our choice. We may even show the ugly side of ourselves. The side of us that wants to express… Continue reading

Day two, I feel empty Inside

I feel empty, not numb. I feel like I’m missing some essential part of myself, of my soul. Nothing means the same as it did before. The parts of me that comprise my… Continue reading

Are You Awake?

The sun was just beginning to find it’s way through the curtains when I woke up, you by my side. You were on your back, peaceful in your dreamland. I climbed on top… Continue reading