Good Morning Depression

Depression: Good morning Minna. Minna: Good morning Depression. Depression: what are we going to cry about today? Minna: there are so many things that could go wrong today. Depression: nothing ever goes as… Continue reading

Why does she?

Why does she by Minna Von Walden Why does she write? Why does she share her words with a world full of strangers? To free herself. Free herself of all the words swimming… Continue reading

Are they?

are they? by Minna Von Walden What is a man without a woman, or a woman without a man? They are still just a man and a woman. But, are they all they… Continue reading


Over by Minna Von Walden She sat quietly. He knew it was over.

13 Creatives on Dealing with Disenchantment

I was recently asked how I deal with disenchantment as a writer, how do I create when I am not feeling creative. This article by Kayla Minguez at was the result. Kayla collaborated with… Continue reading

Did she?

Did she? by Minna Von Walden He dark brown hair pulled neatly away from her face. Flawless porcelain body carefully covered by a chocolate silk fabric. Her face innocent and shy. Delicate pearls… Continue reading

It’s permanent

It’s Permanent by Minna Von Walden Have you ever felt so helpless, so far gone that there was no hope? Hurting so badly that you wanted to die. Not to punish someone else,… Continue reading

Whispers in the dark

Whispers in the Dark by Minna Von Walden Everything is black and white with just a bit of gray Day and night with a little dusk and dawn Darkness and light with a… Continue reading

A mountain

A Mountain by Minna Von walden What do you see? I see, I see a mountain. A dark, distant mountain and a fog filled sky. Uncertainty and light. Certainty and darkness. The mountain… Continue reading

Valentine’s Guest Post at

Hello everyone! The fabulous editors at asked me to write a guest post on the topic of Valentine’s Day from the long-distance relationship perspective.  SurviveLDR is a great blog for advice on… Continue reading