Bourbon and Coffee, Like the Hands of a Lover

It’s been a long day, I’m tired and tired of the world screaming around me. I go to bed at my usual time, snuggle with my blanket for twenty minutes not wanting to… Continue reading

Past Sin

The breath of a past sin on my neck. The sound of his voice in my ear, saying, “Why not? You’ve done it before.” “Be with me, your weaknesses are so easy for… Continue reading

My Dearest Depression

Dear Depression, We’ve become rather inseparable over the years. I think that we know each other quite well at this point. You’re my sidekick through every dim and dark moment. You’ve been with… Continue reading

Does it go away?

Does it really ever go away, I mean, go away forever? Depression, it’s there a real cure? Personally I think there could be in a rare instance, but for the majority, I don’t… Continue reading

Every day depression

I’ve written about depression many times, but not as many times as it comes up in my life.  I keep reading articles and headlines about people beating depression like it’s a once in… Continue reading

Drowning in the sea of her life

If her world was the sea, she was drowning in it. Bubbles rising from her face, drifting to the surface as she falls deeper and deeper. Light glimmering from the surface, slowly fading… Continue reading

Doubt is Depression’s Assassin, are we winning the War?

  Doubt is a killer, doubt is also depressions’ favorite friend. They love each other, they go everywhere together, practically joined at the hip. They will slap you in the face and knock… Continue reading

Anxiety, the brat.

Why are you here?! Anxiety, do you ever go away and stay gone? I mean, really, you are always here at the most inconvenient times. “Oh Minna, today is an important day for… Continue reading


Do souls sometimes connect with others and refuse to let go? Do they hold us captive, never ready to let us be? Is it a connection of captivity or a connection of familiarity?… Continue reading

The lies of depression

Another lie from dear ole depression. Do they ever stop, do the lies ever just stop? No, unfortunately they never leave our hearts and minds. Depression makes us feel unworthy, it has its… Continue reading