I Never Mean to Hurt You

I Never Mean to Hurt You by Minna Von Walden Please understand, I never mean to hurt you. It is never my intention. I do my best to control my words, to control… Continue reading

Believe me, I’m Scared

Believe me, I’m Scared by Minna Von Walden I’m scared. I’m scared of waking up without you in bed beside me. I’m scared. I’m scared of not being good enough for you. I’m… Continue reading

Find the Dark Corner

Find the Dark Corner by Minna Von Walden Alone, alone in a room full of people. I don’t want to be here. Not here, not anywhere with so many faces, so many minds,… Continue reading

Less Beautiful

Less Beautiful by Minna Von Walden Somehow the world doesn’t seem as beautiful as it once did. The sun not as bright The flowers not as colorful Smiles not as brilliant As they… Continue reading

You Are Different

  You Are Different by Minna Von Walden She stands at the sink in the restroom, washing her hands. She glances up into the mirror. At that moment, She almost does not recognize… Continue reading

This Life is Not Mine

This Life is Not Mine by Minna Von Walden Why, Why must I be here? Why was I placed in this life, this body, this life? Will I ever have happiness? A complete… Continue reading

The Girl and the Fish

The girl and the fish In a room full of people, she feels watched, surrounded like the entertainment. Small like a fish gazed at through thick glass. She becomes jealous of the fish.… Continue reading

The Right Time

The Right Time by Minna Von Walden There are so many things that I want to tell you, but I can’t find the words or the right time. Things that come to mind… Continue reading

Lethal Flaws and the Almost Impossible

Lethal Flaws and the Almost Impossible by Minna Von Walden I wonder sometimes why it is so difficult to find happiness. Why do I always find lethal flaws in a relationship. Why do… Continue reading

What is?

What is? by Minna Von Walden What is spring without color Without flowers to bloom or sunshine to soak up No beautiful colorful blossoms Or the sweet smell of rose buds To tell… Continue reading