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(First published at Poetry Under Cover)   Laying on the bed I laughed and pushed My limits of obedience. Testing him, wondering How far would he let me Push before HE pushed back?… Continue reading

“Surprise — New Book Release”

“Surprise — New Book Release” @minnavonwalden Image by Erica Dal Maso 

I had become lost in the moment

(First published at The Creative Cafe Aug 13, 2017) I had become lost in the moment, lost in the pleasure of his body connecting with mine. Autumn, 2016   Have you ever been with a man… Continue reading

The feeling of nothing

  May 2017 Passion, it’s what makes a great writer. Without passion, the writer does not write. I’ve not been feeling passionate as of late. I’m not happy yet I’m not sad. I’m… Continue reading

The pain inside, I Cry.

The pain inside, the sorrow, it hurts so much. I want to scream, I cry. It’s gone on too long, I’ve felt this for so long. I need a release, I need the… Continue reading

Anxiety – A truly ugly part of life.

Anxiety, a truly ugly part of life. Anxiety attacked me yesterday, full on assault today. I know this all too well, I hate it too. First, depression tried to keep me in bed,… Continue reading

He asks about my boyfriend

A familiar face and familiar arms circling me in a hug. He asks about my boyfriend, as he always does. He looks sad and offers an apology when I explain that the man… Continue reading

Just Sleep

Just sleep, it’s that even possible with us? I don’t think so, you think we should try. Even now, I look to you for the important answers, the most possible suggestions, the truth… Continue reading

As if we were Mere Strangers in a Bar

I’m out with him — cool, confident, gentle, him. The night is late and the bar is loud, he want’s to dance but I’m not much of a dancer. He finally gets me… Continue reading


If I wanted to take in every ounce of him, would that be a bad thing? A bad, inappropriate use, of the mouth. That doesn’t go there, it only goes, here, never there.… Continue reading