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Loneliness or Not.

“Are you Lonely?” Am I lonely? No, no that’s not it. I conquered lonely already. I enjoy being alone and I enjoy the peacefulness of the silence. Alone and solitude are my friends.… Continue reading


(First published at Poetry Under Cover)   Laying on the bed I laughed and pushed My limits of obedience. Testing him, wondering How far would he let me Push before HE pushed back?… Continue reading

“Surprise — New Book Release”

“Surprise — New Book Release” @minnavonwalden Image by Erica Dal Maso 

I had become lost in the moment

(First published at The Creative Cafe Aug 13, 2017) I had become lost in the moment, lost in the pleasure of his body connecting with mine. Autumn, 2016   Have you ever been with a man… Continue reading

His lips taste like passion

His lips taste like passion. The tight grip of his hand in my hair feels like freedom. His voice sounds like an invitation to drown in bliss. His eyes touch and entertain my… Continue reading

Love & Falling Into It

I can tell you that I have been ‘in love’ twice in my life, and I have ‘truly loved’ many times. I seem to be thinking about love a lot lately, I’m not… Continue reading

PMS Experiment – No Firsts & Men Suck!

Experiment, no firsts. PMS + deep relationship thought = nothing good. I hate men. Period. No, I don’t, not really, yes really. They suck, and sucking is bad, unless…. I’ll not finish that… Continue reading

I just revealed my biggest secret and insecurities!

I think maybe I could love this one. The search for “that person”, that person that is our person, it’s one of the most complicated tasks we set out to complete. What if… Continue reading

what if I metaphorically fall?

I have a date tonight, another one with Mr smiling eyes. However, I’ve been wanting to cancel it all day. He’s easy on the eyes, and has a sweet personality, but I keep… Continue reading

His eyes, like decadent chocolate

Have you ever been out with someone and your mind wanders to someone else. You don’t mean for it to happen, but you just can’t seem to shake the presence of the person… Continue reading