After the Hells

Something happens to a soul when it is badly broken, when it goes through the fires of hell and somehow survives. Things that once mattered so much seem like almost nothing afterward. I see a change in myself, a change that is unlike anything I ever thought I could have endured. I certainly would have never believed I could embrace such a change. I am different. I have been becoming someone that is far braver, bolder, secure than the broken woman of only a year ago. I care less, yet I care far more. My priorities have changed, my loves have changed, my desires have changed. I say changed, but really I believe this was me all along, the me that was too afraid to be heard or seen.

I will admit my dark thoughts, I will admit my desires. I share my thoughts and I share my feelings. I have little to fear now, I have so much to gain. I love life now, I love the small things, the big things, the dirty things, and the innocent things. I love without reason and I hold my truths in my hands, willing to share when those willing to care.