Random Thoughts on Privacy

I don’t understand how the mind works sometimes. I write to maintain my sanity, right now being a particularly important part of maintaining that sanity. One thing that crossed my mind today, and has before, I wish I could just delete my social media accounts. All times that I have thought of doing it, my reasoning was for privacy. I crave privacy. That craving, that need is why I have an avatar for my profile and I post no personal photos. Privacy, it’s such a valuable thing.

Today I think of deleting my accounts for an entirely different reason. For him. Huh? Yes, for him. A statement that says he is more important than any of those media outlets or social gathering places. I’d do it in a heartbeat if he wanted. I’d do a lot of things for him if it meant he’d prefer it or he’d get happiness from it.

My heart is breaking today and his presence is the only way to change that. Perhaps I’m not thinking clearly, or making any sense at all. Part of me wants to withdraw from the world altogether, delete everything and just walk away from life. Without him, there is no reason to stay.