He is the cure.

Why is a broken heart so painful? What makes it physically hurt. The devastation, the emptiness, the darkness that creeps in and swarms us like thousands of bees. A love so perfect that you feel like anything is possible, suddenly gone. Without warning, the one thing that made you feel alive and truly happy, is suddenly completely out of your reach. It hurts, it hurts to the core of who we are, to the core of our bodies. It seems somewhat impossible that such a thing as love, can affect our bodies as it does. My heart aches, if feels as though it is literally bleeding in my chest. All because of the absence of one human, a perfectly created for me human.

The reason for my waking each morning, the first face I’d see. Gentle strong arms around me, his arms, no others would be the same. His, who he is, his heart, his soul, his mind, and even his darkness make it different. It all makes him feel different to me. His breath above me as I layed on his chest and drifted off to sleep. Those little moments that made me feel like I was in heaven as long as he was by my side. I wake and reach for him but he’s not there. I walk to his office and stare at the empty desks and I cry, I break down at the sight of his absence. How many times can my heart break before it just stops beating? My chest aches, my soul bleeds. He is the cure. He is.