I had become lost in the moment

(First published at The Creative Cafe Aug 13, 2017)

I had become lost in the moment,

lost in the pleasure of his body connecting with mine.

Autumn, 2016


Have you ever been with a man and the entire world disappeared around you. So focused on HIM, that you heard nothing else, felt nothing else, saw nothing else, only him and the sensations and feelings and the pleasure between your body and his? I thought I had before. Truthfully, I thought I had. But, last night, the earth stopped for me as I leaned over him, clutching the top of the headboard.

I felt nothing but his body under me and his hands moving along my back. The tightening of his muscles as his arms circled my body. His lips on my skin as he took my dangling breast in his mouth. I heard nothing but the sound of his breathing, the quiet moans escaping his throat, and myself.

I heard the sound of my own moans and the pleasure filled heavy breathing that I was failing to control. That’s when I noticed it, the disappearance of everything else. When I was suddenly aware of the intensity of my breathing and my unfiltered moans as my body moved against his.

I had become lost in the moment, lost in the pleasure of his body connecting with mine. Lost in it all. I became more aware of the smooth coolness of the slats in the headboard underneath my left hand as I held myself above him. My right hand on his face, then his chest, his arm, then beside the other on the smooth hard headboard.

I became aware of the music floating from wall to wall in the room, and the coolness of the air around me. As I came back to reality, to this planet, the room even seemed to be brighter than before. I felt the world stop, life around me ceasing to exist, for a period of time, all that existed was he and I.