PMS Experiment – No Firsts & Men Suck!

Experiment, no firsts.

PMS + deep relationship thought = nothing good.

I hate men. Period.

No, I don’t, not really, yes really. They suck, and sucking is bad, unless…. I’ll not finish that thought, it’s PMS week and all men are assholes.

Let’s get back to the experiment, no firsts.

What? No firsts? There are always firsts.

I’m not talking about that. I’m thinking about something entirely different. Regardless of whether or not I want to, I am not going to message, call or request time from people, for a period of time, of course. Because it’s time for my PERIOD. Maybe it’s a terrible idea, maybe not. Maybe I should never make impacting decisions when my female hormones are all over the place. Perhaps, I should just take a sick day and sleep. I’m thinking I may cause more harm than good with this thought process today.

But, men suck. Period.