The pain inside, I Cry.

The pain inside, the sorrow, it hurts so much. I want to scream, I cry. It’s gone on too long, I’ve felt this for so long. I need a release, I need the pain to stop. I need a distraction from this inner pain. I cry, I cry, I cry. I squeeze my thighs, my fingertips sink into them. I feel the tips of my nails piercing the skin, the pain inside still hurts more. I can’t survive this pain again, I can’t go through this again. I cry, I cry, I cry, and I drag my nails across my thighs. The pain on the outside, I feel it more, more than the pain inside.

Lines on my skin, from my own fingernails, lines still stinging and bright red. Five lines on my right leg, five on my left. Ten lines, ten deep scratchesdistracting me from the pain in my heart, the pain in my soul, the pain on the inside. It doesn’t last, the pain fades and the sorrow comes back. I am no good, I am broken, damaged goods that are no good for anyone. I am useless, I am nothing. I cry, I cry, I cry. I drag my fingernails across my thighs, harder, deeper, make the sorrow subside.

Depression and self harm are very serious. If you have either or both in your life, get help. We can survive this together. I know your pain, I feel deep inside.

All my love,