what if I metaphorically fall?

I have a date tonight, another one with Mr smiling eyes. However, I’ve been wanting to cancel it all day. He’s easy on the eyes, and has a sweet personality, but I keep hesitating. I don’t want to go, but I do want to go. Is it anxiety or intuition, anxiety ensures me that it’s intuition, but I think it’s anxiety.

Ok, seriously, it’s just a date, it’s dinner, we all need to eat, right? Yes, absolutely. Well I should just stop thinking about it and go. But, what if something goes wrong? What if I trip over my feet and fall on my face, what if I metaphorically fall? That would be even worse! The last thing I need right now is to fall for another handsome brown eyed boy. Man, whatever. I just don’t need to fall, in any way.

My friend tells me to go for it, he says I need to, I need to move forward. My friend knows, he’s been there before, with love hurting and all that painful darkness.

But I still keep fighting the urge to cancel our date… still.

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