Can one really explain love?

Can one really explain love? That feeling of bliss and the reasons behind it? It’s a chemical reaction, I know. It’s a feeling, the butterflies and the almost drunk feeling. Drunk on love, drunk on life, drunk on his smile and the sound of his voice. Drunk on the sparkle in his eyes every time he looks at you.

Can we really explain it though, the feeling of love? Not the drunk on him part, but the why. What is it about his smile that makes you feel drunk? What is it about the sound of his voice calling you baby, that makes you feel like you’re one shot of tequila away from not being able to feel your face? What is it about his eyes that make you want to look into them forever? What is it about his kiss that makes the world around you disappear?

For the life of me, I simply can’t explain it. All I can say is that that drunk on him feeling, it is love. The butterflies, that’s love too. Drunk on him, I think it just might be better that an honest tequila high. Pretty sure it is.