A Different Version of Us

I want us back. The us that was my safe place, the one thing I was sure about when everything else in life had gone to shit. I want that back, the nights snuggled up against you, knowing that if I had nothing in this world, I still had you, and that was enough. It was always enough, more than enough, it was everything.

I want the holding hands while we walk, I want that back. I want the sweet spontaneous kisses back. The PDAs and the way you’d sneak a feel of me when no one was looking. I want all that back, I want us back. I miss us more than anything I’ve ever missed before.

I want the love back, that sweet and passionate love that I perhaps took for granted. Something changed us, the us that we were. Something changed the way we love each other, the way we touch each other.

You no longer reach for me, and I hesitate to take your hand. I want to so badly, but I’m afraid you’ll pull away. I want those days back, the days when I didn’t think before interlacing my fingers with yours, the days when I felt that what we had was safe, we were safe.

I miss that version of us, I miss you, I miss that comfortable feeling, the absence of any hesitation. I miss us, I want us to be us again, I want that back.