Physical Attraction

Experts say that physical attraction is the first step in falling in love — as shallow as that may sound, I agree in the theory.

This dating process has been crazy. My experience at first was frustration and difficulty. Men can be pigs!  Men can also be amazing sweethearts. Just putting that out there, it doesn’t have much to do with this post.

I came across this guy, this very physically attractive guy. I read his bio and went for it. Against my better judgment aka my anxiety, I sent him a cute introductory message complimenting his obvious physical handsomeness. I never do that.

The next day, I get a message from him. Only it’s not a reply because somehow, my message didn’t send!  So why the hell is he messaging me? Is he bored!?  Ok, ok, I’ll stop with the self-loathing for a moment. Moving forward.

We have a date this weekend, and he called me beautiful, and HE messaged me not knowing I’d already gone googly eyed over him the day before. The rest, to be continued. The point, never be afraid to put yourself out there and say hi to the dreamboat guy that made you all googly eyed. Who knows, maybe you did the same to him.

Fast forward a few weeks and that dreamboat guy didn’t really live up to his potential. Putting it mildly, I’m glad my initial message didn’t go through. Well, we live and we learn here in this game called life.