He asks about my boyfriend

A familiar face and familiar arms circling me in a hug. He asks about my boyfriend, as he always does. He looks sad and offers an apology when I explain that the man I loved, he didn’t love me like he should, he left, he was gone.

His hand, resting on my shoulder, gently slides down my arm. Sliding gently and slowly, memorizing every inch along the way.  His body language has changed now, to a more protective and consoling feel. His hand still on my skin, resting on my wrist as if he wants to take my hand but doesn’t know if he should.

His face tilted down toward mine, his eyes soft as he searches my face, he breaths quiet words, “I am sorry.”

Still holding my wrist, he pulls me closer, his sad eyes never leaving my face. “I am so very sorry.” The words gently fall from his lips as he kisses my cheek and slowly pulls back, dropping his gaze to the ground at our feet.

His hand still resting on my wrist, a hesitation in his breath before the tips of his fingers press against the palm of my hand and he interlaces his fingers with mine.

photo credit: via photopin (license)