Just Sleep

Just sleep, it’s that even possible with us? I don’t think so, you think we should try. Even now, I look to you for the important answers, the most possible suggestions, the truth of our will power. It’s been weeks since we said goodbye, called it quits, became you and I instead of us. It’s been weeks, but I can’t quit you.

I’m there, with you, we both need sleep, so we try to sleep. I can’t sleep, you can’t either. We’ll keep our clothes on, and just sleep. I can’t sleep, you can’t either.

Your clothes are mostly gone and my lips are on your neck. Yeah, you know you want it, but you resist. This was your idea, remember, we would just sleep, we could manage that. I’m licking and kissing your neck, you’re cursing, but you don’t tell me to stop.

My legs separating, finding that familiar position above your body. I’m kissing your neck, I’m on my hands and knees. You’re cursing and breathing harder, your arms around me. You’re cursing more, we were supposed to just be sleeping, just sleeping.

I’m pushing you, I could stop, I should stop but I keep my lips on your neck. I know it drives you crazy, and that’s my goal. I lower my hips to taunt you more, my pants are gone, only the thin fabric of my panties. I taunt you more.

I know what you want, I can feel it in every tight muscle in your perfect body. You’re losing control, finally. Your grip on my skin leads to a fist full of my panties, you want to rip them off of me, but you resist. You’re losing control and I make my last move to send you over the edge.

Just sleeping, that’s all we are supposed to do, not this, we were specifically trying to avoid this. You told me we’d just sleep, just come over and sleep. That’s it, sleep. I couldn’t, I knew I couldn’t. A first full of panties and you curse as I release my lips from your neck. Your eyes are on me as I move. I sit up, perfectly familiar on top of your body.

My fists full of the bottom of my shirt, and a desperate curse from your lips as my shirt comes off, my breasts spilling out. You’re done, your resolve is gone. You’re pulling at my panties, because you’re finally ready to give me what I want.

I knew we wouldn’t just sleep, maybe even counted on it. I had a fairly good idea that I might push you until you gave me what I wanted. I know the things to do that make you do the things to me that make me scream, and beg for more of you. Sleep, we could never just sleep.