I need you like the flower needs the sun

Must I go on without you, I don’t want to, I can not. I love you with every fiber of my soul, every beat of my heart. I simply can not. I want your touch. Your warmth beside me, inside me. Your kiss on my lips, your kiss between my thighs. I need you like the flower needs the sun, and my heart weeps for you, it calls out to you with a quiet desperation.

I lay in bed in the middle of the night, only a shirt, nothing else. I think of your hands, of your body against mine. I weep for you, the loss of you cuts to the core of my soul. I need you, I need your presence. My nakedness in the middle of the night is lost, searching for you. The air on my skin, the softness of my shirt as it falls gently at my sides, it all calls for you.

My soul weeps, it cries out to you, begging for your return. My soul aches with need for you, to merge with yours, to be us as we once were. My body begs for your touch, for the strength of you, for the pleasure that only you can give it.