It’s been a week, two, since we’ve talked, I’m not sure. I could look at the calendar to be sure, but I won’t. Getting over him has been the most difficult task of my life. Crying cleanses the soul, and makes the head hurt. I’ve done more than my share of it. I couldn’t find my way through this though, no matter how hard I tried.

I came to the realization that I needed a distraction, something to focus my mind on instead of him. I decided, with reservation, to join an online dating service.

Well. Yes, I was prepared for the insanity of it, I was not let down. Complete insanity. I’m going to be honest, the ratio is about 99/1. For every 99 that fall short, there’s one that just might be something.

I’ve talked with some pretty cool guys, ones that really seem to have their shit together, even agreed to meet a few upon their request. I even… I even came right out and made the first move with another.

Then came the 6th potential 1/99 and butterflies. Butterflies!! I never thought I’d ever again feel butterflies swirling around, or have a goofy smile on my face. But, he gives me butterflies… butterflies. 😍

We’ll see how this goes, where it goes.