I tell you that I love You

I tell you I love you and you tell me that I can’t. You tell me that I can’t love you, because you can’t be loved. I tell you that I do and that you can’t tell me what to feel. I say it in my bossy voice, the bossiest I can do. You laugh and wrap your arms around me and you tell me again, that I can’t love you.

I see through the cracks in your armor, I see what you hide in there, you can be loved, and that’s what I do. You think that you are unloveable, but I see your heart. You have a sweetness about you that you don’t let the world see, but I see it. It’s in the way you hold the door for me, and the way you touch my waist. I see you are loveable, I see it in the gentle ways you touch me, in the softness of your lips on my cheek.

You have rough edges, I see those too. The rough edges are on display, a warning sign to everyone, but your rough edges never hurt me. Those edges may make others bleed when they get too close, but they have never made me bleed. You think you can’t be loved, I say that I love you, because I do.

photo credit: via photopin (license)