That delicious look of lust in your Eyes

May I just take a moment to tell you how amazingly wonderful he smells, and tastes? May I? Perhaps you don’t want to know, or perhaps you are curious now.

I could just tell you about the first time we shared secret texts while in a room full of people. “I want you, in the bedroom. Now.” I could see that look in his eyes when he read the text, the one that pierced right through to my soul and made my insides radiate with a heat and a need for him.

Sure everyone noticed that look he gave me, it was obvious, but who cares?

That look. Oh, that delicious look of Lust in his eyes, can I have more of it? Can he look at me like that every day of every year for the rest of eternity? Oh, that look.


photo credit: labuero On the way via photopin (license)