Your Lavender Balloon


I feel like a balloon, floating around the sky above you. A balloon filled with helium, a string tied tightly around me. Lavender, with shimmering white string spanning the distance between me and you.

You tie the string around your wrist, in case you forget to hold on. You go through your day with me floating above your world. Some days you have trouble remembering that I’m there until you glance up and there I am. Other days, you feel the tug of my white shimmering string with every turn of your day.

Days go by and you wrap that string around your hand, being certain that your little lavender balloon doesn’t escape from your fingers. You hold on tightly, even though there’s a knot in the string that holds it securely to your wrist. There are other days that I’d surely float into oblivion if you hadn’t tied that string so tightly.

A little lavender balloon floating above, waiting for you to look up and remember it’s there, hoping you wrap the string around your hand so I don’t float away.

photo credit: The Shared Experience Shirtless Studio Work – Shirtless Balloon Blower Guy via photopin (license)