But for now, It’s Darkness

There are days that I hesitate before writing yet another sad and depressive piece of writing — I fear pushing people away with my gloomy sadness. Today I considered the possibility that hesitating or even refusing to write yet another painful piece, would be a really bad thing.

Pain and heartbreak, sadness and gloom, it’s simply a season in life. The season I’ve been climbing my way out of for two months now. Perhaps this has been a particularly long season, but, it is a season nonetheless. Of course happiness is a season that we all prefer. I’d love to be inspired to draft beautiful prose inspired by joy and sunshine, but I’m not there yet.

One day soon, I’ll wake up and smile at the singing birds. I’ll once again write of love in a way that celebrates the beauty of it instead of the dark, razor sharp side that it can have. One day soon, my prose and poetry will inspire great, happy thoughts, but for now it’s darkness.

For now, I’ll write of the pain, it’s the darkness within the depression that I carry with me. I will write of the hopeless feeling that depression evokes. For it is far more human, than a mask of happiness, I’ll write of the truth. I’ll write of the truth, no matter what it may be. I’ll write of the truth, as dark as it is, until the darkness fades and turns to light, even still, I will write.