He loves me through Depression

I wonder why he stays with me. Life isn’t easy, and my life is one obstacle after another. Living with depression is like that. There are good days and bad days, then there are really terrible days that haunt you for longer than they lasted.

He loves me through it, he’s always loved me through it. It makes me wonder why he stays with me, why does he chose a life that’s so painful? I live it every day, but I don’t choose it, I survive it.

I wonder, does he know something that I don’t? Does he see the future, a future that makes it all worth the effort and pain? Has he been given a vision of a healed version of me, one without the depression? Why does he stay? Love is a powerful glue that holds two people together, but is it ever strong enough for this, for depression?



photo credit: tango in black via photopin (license)