I don’t wish you pain and Heartbreak

Sometimes we can take breakups hard, most times we do, especially if it wasn’t our choice. We may even show the ugly side of ourselves. The side of us that wants to express our pain and inflict it too. We want the person that hurt us, to feel what we feel.

After all, we are only human. Bleeding, heartbroken humans. With you though…it’s different.

I don’t wish you pain and heartbreak and I’m not lying here awake in the middle of the night hoping you can’t sleep because you miss me terribly. Well, I do want you to miss me, but I’m not wishing you pain. I’m barely holding myself together, hiding my tears and sorrow from the world.

I’m not tearfully praying you’ll come back to me and stay, but if you did, I’d hold you tight and forgive you a thousand times over. I don’t want you to wake up with a regret in your heart because you crushed mine. I’m wishing you happiness and peace.

Above all, ‘m just hoping that I’m able to breathe without you.



photo credit: via photopin (license)