Are You Awake?

The sun was just beginning to find it’s way through the curtains when I woke up, you by my side. You were on your back, peaceful in your dreamland. I climbed on top of you, propped myself up with my hands and knees on either side of you. I watched you for a moment, giving you just another moment of peaceful rest before waking you.

I leaned down, down to my elbows and let my hips rest against yours, pressing my breasts and other parts of my body against yours. I began to whisper your name as I trailed soft kisses along your neck. I felt your body begin to respond as it moved under me, your hips following your instincts before your mind had a chance to wake you.

Quiet sounds formed behind your lips and I encouraged them with my own. “Are you awake?” the words trailing from my mouth to your ear, and answered as you rolled us over, pressing your mouth to my neck and your body against mine. From the peaceful silence comes an irritating sound, is that your phone or is it mine, find it and make it stop.

I roll to my side, you roll to yours. It’s mine, the irritating thing. My eyes are fuzzy and something doesn’t feel right. I stop the irritating sound and roll back, back to reality. You were not real. I had let myself be fooled again. Fooled by a dream and cruelly awakened by reality. Why must I find you only in my dreams? Why must I wake to an empty room, and empty bed where you should be?

photo credit: via photopin (license)