Heartbreak: The crumbling Fortress of a Heart

I am astonished at what heartbreak can do to a person. I’ve always known that the breaking heart was a terrible thing to experience. Love hurts us in ways that nothing else can rival, but utter devastation, I wasn’t sure it existed. Maybe utter devastation could exist for the weak and innocent, but for the strongest of hearts guarded by a fortress, it simply couldn’t be possible.

I was wrong.

Even the most magnificent of fortresses can tumble and crash to the ground, and mine did. It didn’t fall slowly but it wasn’t all at once either. It took years to build the walls of stone that touched the clouds and the thick, heavy one-way glass that made it impossible for anyone to get even the tiniest glimpse in. It took only days to destroy it.

Single stones have been knocked loose before, tiny ones that were easily repaired before any real damage could occur, but this time, the war had come and I was unprepared. A single blow took down an entire wall. Glass shattered and stone crashed to the ground, leaving a gaping hole and my bruised heart in a cloud of dust and rubble. Walls still stood, but they too would fall.

My heart alone and unprotected, stripped of everything that kept it safe. Alone, bleeding and bruised, needing gentle hands to save it from the assault. The walls fell one by one until nothing was left, the fortress had fallen, it had been conquered, the war was lost. All that remained was my bleeding broken heart.

That utter devastation is something that can never be understood any other way than by experience. That utter devastation is a truth, it is real, and it is not reserved for the weak. The strongest of hearts can bleed. The most fortified fortresses can crumble. An ambush can happen leaving us no time to prepare for the war, we can’t always see it coming.

The strongest hearts can bleed.

Love hurts us in ways that nothing else can rival, but utter devastation, I wasn’t sure it existed. I was wrong. 

-Minna Von Walden

photo credit: bangkok via photopin (license)