I Won’t Survive This Loss

I won’t survive this, I can’t. This feels like dying.

Heart shattering devastation. If we are to be no more, I am certain I will be no more. I will fall into a deep darkness. I can already see it, that great gulf opening up to swallow me down.

I’ve cried for hours, all day actually. I can’t survive this. What will my life be without you? How will I sleep without you beside me, or wake without your kiss? How will I make it through tomorrow missing your love?

Where did we go wrong, how have I lost your love?

I feel nothing but I feel everything. How your arms feel around my body, how I long for it. Your lips on my lips, and the absence of them. This pain is torture, it’s a darkness that will swallow me. This feels like dying, but perhaps even dying wouldn’t be this hard.

I won’t survive this.

-Minna Von Walden

photo credit: via photopin (license)