Is She Worth Fighting For?

Everyone wants to know they are worth fighting for, that someone loves them, needs them. Not in a dependent sort of way, but companionship, love. To know that that person’s life would not be the same without them. Some of us refuse to admit it, some of us openly say we do. To know that we mean that much to someone is empowering, it’s comforting, it’s safety.

Why then, is it so hard for us to admit that we need someone, that our lives would be changed without that person we love, that person that we need?

Are we afraid to admit that in some way, we are weak for needing that person, or are we reluctant to admit that another human can change our world in such a way that we come to need their presence in our life. That we need that specific companionship, that unique piece of life that they add to ours. That the joy they bring us can’t be found elsewhere, and we don’t even want to look for it somewhere else because it’s perfect the way it is.

think it’s all of the above.

If we all humbled ourselves, openly became clear of how we feel, who we need, perhaps the world would feel less heartache, less pain, less resentment and more love. Perhaps we could all feel like we are worth fighting for. That we have a relationship that is worth working hard for, worth fighting for.

-Minna Von Walden

photo credit: via photopin (license)