Don’t judge me

I start my mornings with a hot cup of coffee and light reading. As a rule, I don’t pick in-depth topics before my second cup of coffee. So, my mornings generally consist of short articles that are light enough I don’t need my brain to be fully awake to understand.

One of the articles I came across this morning held the title of judgement. I won’t dictate the full article or even attempt to quote anything exactly. I will however, say that the main thought throughout, and the point of the article was to say that a true friend does not judge you.

That got me thinking. How many people are blessed enough or lucky enough to have true friends that do not judge them. I’ve not checked statistics or researched the topic to see if any polls exist on the topic. But, I’m guessing that not everyone feels they are free from judgement with their friends. Some may even go as far to say that they do not feel free from judgment with anyone.

Let’s take a step back from that and look at the root of the problem. One aspect of it anyway. There are always many sides to the stone, as we well know. Let’s take one at a time. For this article let’s look at this one.

Why do friends place their own judgments on the people they love, or anyone for that matter? Was there a point in history where each of us was granted the title of judge, jury, and executioner? Perhaps I missed that day in history class, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. Who knows, but the fact is, I missed it.  

Do we not all have faults? Do we not all make mistakes? I know I do, and I bet you do too. Everyone does, that’s what makes us human.

Would it not be better if we, as friends, as human beings, stopped judging the faults of others and start admitting we have our own faults. Maybe even support each other in becoming better people?

When the CEO sends out an email with a typo, don’t make it the topic of discussion with the cubicles around you, let it go.

When Madeline, the single mom with twins in your kid’s class, sends one of her girls to school with a messy ponytail, don’t gasp in disapproval, try to help her out. I’m sure she’s doing the best she can. Maybe that ponytail was perfect when little twin girl left the house this morning. You don’t know, so don’t judge mom.

If we, as friends and humans, spent the time helping our friends instead of judging their flaws, this world just might be a better place. If nothing else, we’d have better relationships with those around us.

-Minna Von Walden



photo credit: En pause via photopin (license)