I Met You as a Teenager


I met you as a teenager, I didn’t like you much. Teenage you was quite the punk. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a blistering hot day, the sun almost blinding me as it cut through your blonde chin length waves.

There you were, standing outside your house with your group of friends. You asked me why I was there. You asked if I was there to give you a ride. Funny, you didn’t mean in a car, or maybe you did, it was difficult to know the difference.

You looked at me with lust in your eyes. A hormonal teenage boy with one thing on his mind. Not much has changed in regards to those lustful thoughts, but you did learn how to be more discreet. You’ve grown into quite a wonderful man, I see. Much more appealing than teenage you.

I suppose life taught you a lot. How to be a man and all that. I suppose life taught you how to be kind. I think it taught you to be humble and to love. Perhaps life taught you how to be you. Because it taught you understanding and compassion, humility and heartbreak.

I don’t see much of that teenage boy in you anymore. What I do see is a man that knows pain and still chooses to show kindness and to love with the broken pieces of his heart. Grown up you, he’s a completely different guy.

-Minna Von Walden

photo credit: chameleon via photopin (license)