What is You Interest in Me?

A lonely tears escapes from the corner of my eye as I question your interest in me. Why would an amazing man like you, want to be with me? My heart falls in doubt as I contemplate how long it will be until the day you realize that you can do better. Perhaps you already have, but haven’t yet acted upon that realization.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand what it is that you see in me. Though I give you many reasons to leave, you stay. Your arms still find their way around me, and you lips continue to kiss my skin. You love me, as I love you, but still I question why. I must have something that you have failed to find in others, but I cannot imagine what.

I wipe away tears, tears that have fallen because I doubt my value, I doubt my heart’s ability to keep your love.  I am nothing, but you want me. Why? What can I possibly offer you that is worth anything? What makes you stay each and every day? Tell me, what is it that keeps you here, what is it that you love so much? What is your interest in me?

-Minna Von Walden


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photo credit: I Died So I Could Haunt You via photopin (license)