Are We Strangers Now?


“There are, at times, those awkward moments that you meet your former lover, face to face, for the first time after you became something other than lovers. That something lingering between lover and enemy but not quite friend and you definitely know each other too well to simply be acquaintances.”

You are standing in front of me, just a couple of feet away. We are standing there unable to close the space between us, perhaps unwilling is the better word. We could if we wanted to, but we just stand there looking at each other. Our bodies rigid, our voices silent. All that seems to be left is our ability to see each other, to look at the mystery in each other’s eyes, and our ability to feel. But, I don’t feel you anymore and the mystery in you is a different kind of mystery now.

It has been an eternity since I last felt you, since I felt the connection we once had. I could feel you no matter how many miles were between us. Now, as only a couple of feet make up the distance, I don’t feel you at all. There’s nothing that tells my heart of your existence. More than that, my heart didn’t wake me up this morning to remind me that yours still beats, and a part of it beats for me. You loved me once, maybe you didn’t express it as you should have, but I could feel it. I loved you too, there was a time that every beat of my heart was for you, my complete heart. What happened to that, what happened to us, how are we standing here as something worse than strangers?

-Minna Von Walden


photo credit: Silvia Pellegrino via photopin (license)