Does it go away?

Does it really ever go away, I mean, go away forever? Depression, it’s there a real cure? Personally I think there could be in a rare instance, but for the majority, I don’t believe so.

Perhaps the woman who suffers her first depression as postpartum depression has a chance of a cure. But what about the rest of us? The ones who know it all too well, perhaps never knowing when our first encounter was? I think it’s here forever for us, we can never be truly cured, we only learn to manage it.

I saw a headline yesterday, “I’m a depression survivor.” I’ve seem similar titles, “my depression was cured.” and “depression free.” when I see such titles, I pause to think, then question. Are they so naive to think there is a cure, or am I believing the lies of my own depression when I think there is no cure?

To me, hearing ‘depression cure’ statements is like having someone say, I found a way to change my natural hair color from the inside out, without hair color, miraculously going from a natural blonde to a natural brunette. I suppose it’s possible, but likely? I don’t think it’s likely.

But, who am I to judge the ability of others? I can’t, I can’t even imagine that I should be able to. However, my concern is that if I’m right, if there is no cure, that one day, depression will blindside those very unsuspecting individuals who believed that their depression was cured.

Perhaps if they had not been naive, they would have learned to expect it to sometimes return so as to better deal with it when it pummels them to the ground with an unexpected assault on their psyche. Or perhaps if I personally, believed in a cure, it’s imaginable that I could be depression free. That in my opinion, is not likely. Depression does lie. We feel the lies in the deepest parts of our soul. For me, I believe there is no cure, is that science speaking, or my dearest Depression? Will we ever know the difference?

-Minna Von Walden


photo credit: Princess of no Kingdom. via photopin (license)