Hello, my name is Tiffany. I’m Minna’s uterus.  I like bubble baths, chocolate, red wine, white wine, sleeping, lying on the beach, and most of all, Minna’s boyfriend. He keeps me happy. Minna’s happy with him too, even when I have a tantrum. He always makes everything sooooooo much better.  

Sorry for such a quick introduction then going, but I do have to be going now, so much to do with it being Minna’s bloody week.  It was nice to meet you though. Maybe next time we chat, I can introduce you to Hilda & Matilda, Minna’s ovaries. They are a real hoot! Twins, can you imagine?  They’re sweet girls though, they don’t really have the stomach for the real hard core punishment I like to put Minna through.

Well, until next time, smooches loves!!!