The sheets and blankets

I love the simple moments we share. Can I tell you about one of the moments I love repeating over and over? It’s those moments when we first get into bed. I pull the covers back, get into bed, then slide over to you as I pull the covers back up. The tenderness of your skin as my body finds yours is just as wonderful tonight as it was the first time we touched. That sweet tenderness drawing me in, closer as I pull you to me. My arm sliding around you as my hips press closer. Your legs moving to mine, twisting a foot and hooking it around mine, pulling my legs to yours. Twisting, wrapping, melting together. Settling into what once was you and me, but is now us. Finding our spot, finding a place where all our parts melt together into one seamless, perfectly molded work of art. Us.



photo credit: via photopin (license)


\\// / I love you, for eternity