He called to me

A voice called to me as I walked between cars. The voice of a man. A man requesting assistance.

“Miss, we are lost, having trouble finding this address. Can you help?”

From the window of his car, he offered a small piece of paper. At first glance , I knew the address. I knew exactly where they needed to be. The man’s companion busy with the gps, cursing it from failing to accurately guide him to where he really needed to be.

He paid no attention to me as I leaned into the car.

The driver looking at me in confusion as I leaned in, dropping the paper in his lap. The paper with the address, the address to my home.

I reached across the car and too his companion’s hand. A gentle smile on my face a she looked at our hands, then to my face.

Recognition was instant, his words slower, “My love.”

-Minna Von Walden

photo credit: LV woman via photopin (license)