Every day depression


I’ve written about depression many times, but not as many times as it comes up in my life.  I keep reading articles and headlines about people beating depression like it’s a once in a lifetime super bowl championship.

Yay, they beat it!  Congrats to them, I’m glad they came out on top. But, is it really a one time thing for these people? Do they not feel it every day?

I do. I feel my depression each day. It’s here with me, as real every day as the air surrounding me.

So, a celebrity beat their moment of depression. One time, one instance of depression. Wonderful, here’s your cookie, you’re winning 1-0. Now slap a smile on your face and keep it there.

I go up against depression every day. Some days I win, some days I don’t. If I’m keeping score, I think I’m somewhere around 6,524-3,696. I’m not sure who’s winning either.

There are different degrees of depression, I get that there are. I’m not saying that someone who experiences it only once, doesn’t feel the full depth of depression. But how can they only feel it that one time and be cured?

Depression is an illness, perhaps some of us are more infected than others. The common cold v/s the flu? The difference between people with allergies and those without allergies? Or lactose intolerant people and Santa Claus?

For some of us, there’s every day depression. A part of our everyday lives, some days it wins, some days we do.   

-Minna Von Walden

photo credit: Lifestyle:) #2 via photopin (license)