This is a turning Point

This is a turning point in my writing career. I’m not sure if we always know when that happens, that exact moment that changes things.

The moment when you feel like you are dangling on the rock climbing wall of life and you simply can’t go any higher. When you can’t find a different place for your hands or a better place for your feet that will propel you to a higher level. That moment when you notice a great spot to plant your feet that was there but you somehow missed it.

Or perhaps that spot was just out of reach and you were afraid to reach for it for fear of missing and falling, because that step would require a bit of a jump. OR maybe the analogy is different. Perhaps you never realized you were only giving it half of your effort and when you pushed harder, you propelled yourself higher than you expected. Maybe none of this resonates, maybe it doesn’t fit at all. Just maybe you have been diligent and you are finally reaping the rewards. Maybe your analogy is that of making bread with yeast.

Whatever the analogy, it must have some similarity with that of so many other entrepreneurs, writers, artists. We all work and we work hard. We have periods of no change in ourselves or our work and then, then we have those changes that propel us to the next level. That pivotal moment where everything changes and we can see ourselves, the person we were yesterday is no longer the person we are today. That moment when we witness ourselves evolving.

How does that feel? Scary sometimes, but sometimes, it is a magnificent feeling. We see our hard work paying off. We get to ring the bell at the top of the wall or we get to eat that delicious bread.

Today, I witnessed a pivotal moment in my career, the moment things changed. I caught a glimpse of myself landing on the next step.

-Minna Von Walden