Anxiety, the brat.

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Why are you here?! Anxiety, do you ever go away and stay gone? I mean, really, you are always here at the most inconvenient times.

“Oh Minna, today is an important day for you, I wouldn’t dare miss it! So… who’s going to be there?  What are you going to wear?  Do you eat before or after, maybe there will be food there and you can eat there. I wonder what kind of food they will serve, supposing they serve food. Oh, what if there’s nothing you like? That would be unfortunate.”

“Hmm, how long will this last anyway? I mean, if you don’t eat before or eat some of the food while you’re there, if there’s food, you will be starving if it lasts long. Maybe you should put crackers in your bag. But some might see, that would be embarrassing!”

“Oh, and…”

Anxiety, you brat, go away!  Now!!

“Sorry Minna, I have to be here for you for this big day!”

-Minna Von Walden



photo credit: via photopin (license)