Good Morning Depression

Depression: Good morning Minna.
Minna: Good morning Depression.
Depression: what are we going to cry about today?
Minna: there are so many things that could go wrong today.
Depression: nothing ever goes as you hope, does it? This job interview is so important, you’ll certainly screw it up. You’ll say the wrong thing, trip over your words or your own feet, probably both. You’ll waste your time and energy going. It’ll be a disaster. Perhaps you should just skip it, you won’t get the job anyway.
Minna: I need this job, but I will so screw up the interview. They will trash my resume and laugh as I walk out the door. But, I have to try. I have to at least show up and see what happens.
Depression: You’re going to come crying to me afterwards, trust me, I know you’ll have a disaster on your hands. You’re so determined though, determined to prove me wrong, but we both know how this will end. Don’t we, Minna?

photo credit: Lección de anatomía 5 via photopin (license)