Monthly Archive: June, 2016


Hello, my name is Tiffany. I’m Minna’s uterus.  I like bubble baths, chocolate, red wine, white wine, sleeping, lying on the beach, and most of all, Minna’s boyfriend. He keeps me happy. Minna’s… Continue reading


Thoughts of you invading my mind. Memories floating to the surface. Thoughts of you coming to life. I push them back, back to where they came. But like a Styrofoam plate, thrown into… Continue reading

The sheets and blankets

I love the simple moments we share. Can I tell you about one of the moments I love repeating over and over? It’s those moments when we first get into bed. I pull… Continue reading

Piece by piece, love Falls

Love is one of the most confusing and complex parts of life. You see, love can create excessive joy and love can bring devastating sorrow. The mystery of love is that it can… Continue reading

California Sunrise

California is beautiful this time of year. I remember the sunrises, the colors, the beauty as we sat and watched them together. Last night, I dreamt of being back there again, back there… Continue reading

He called to me

A voice called to me as I walked between cars. The voice of a man. A man requesting assistance. “Miss, we are lost, having trouble finding this address. Can you help?” From the… Continue reading

My Uterus is a Bitch

My uterus is a bitch. My ovaries think so too. “Hey, let’s flood our human with that hormone that makes her cry!! A little more than usual too, she needs a good cry.… Continue reading

Thank you for…

I want to thank you for always being by my side. I want to thank you for holding my hand each day. I want to thank you for holding me together anytime I… Continue reading

Every day depression

I’ve written about depression many times, but not as many times as it comes up in my life.  I keep reading articles and headlines about people beating depression like it’s a once in… Continue reading

Drowning in the sea of her life

If her world was the sea, she was drowning in it. Bubbles rising from her face, drifting to the surface as she falls deeper and deeper. Light glimmering from the surface, slowly fading… Continue reading