Searching for you

7104718513_4a3b93a84f_oSearching for You
by Minna Von Walden

Last night, I woke up searching for you. My mind must have been confused or hopeful or perhaps just dreaming. The night was quiet, I could hear the fan above my bed and the neighborhood softly awake. And you, I thought I heard you, or maybe I thought I felt you. I’m not really sure. I thought you were there, in bed beside me. I moved to touch you, to feel your body against mine, but I couldn’t find you. I felt for you and found only pillows, sheets, and an empty spot on your side of the bed. But I could have sworn you were there seconds before, only seconds before. I was confused and sad, because you were there, and then you were not.

I turned on the lamp and say up in bed. Disappointedly looking around the room, half hoping you were there, somewhere. My eyes stopped on the empty place in my bed, the place in my bed, the place where you should be.

Sadness because you were not there, but a smile because I knew you would be soon.



photo credit: 16/52 “bask” via photopin (license)


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