To hear your voice

5544477322_3f9772ba00_oTo Hear Your Voice
by Minna Von Walden

Ring after ring, she didn’t answer. A sadness in his heart as he waited, listening to her voice mail greeting. The tone, a deep breath and he began. His words quiet, but sure, as he spoke.

I Just wanted to hear your voice. Just a moment, just a few words. I miss it. I miss the sound of your words dancing over my skin. I miss the way you laugh, the way you say hello. I miss the way you say my name, the way you tell me that you love me. I miss You. I just miss you.

She listened intently to every word. Then listened again, and a few more times after that. Hearing his words and the quiet sadness in his voice. She listened to each word over and over, searching for any unspoken details. With each word, remembering what they once had. What they lost, and what they never had the chance to grasp. She remembered the feelings she kept locked away in her heart. She remembered the pain of having him and the pain of loosing him.

For a moment, she entertained the idea of starting again or picking up where they left off. Is that why he is calling? Does he want to try again, or does he just need a moment so he can move on to the next? Her heart couldn’t survive just a moment. Her heart would need him, as it always needed him.

A moment to give him the motivation to carry on through the next moment had the potential to destroy her. To break open those old wounds hidden withing her delicate heart. She knew what that moment would do to her, if all he needed was a moment. She knew the risks as she dialed his number and waited for the sound of his voice, the voice she missed so much and just needed to hear again.



photo credit: Spot via photopin (license)