Monthly Archive: April, 2016

5 more minutes

5 More Minutes by Minna Von Walden I love the way you keep me in bed. Wrapped in your arms, for just five more minutes. We have to work, the world, and each… Continue reading

Why does she?

Why does she by Minna Von Walden Why does she write? Why does she share her words with a world full of strangers? To free herself. Free herself of all the words swimming… Continue reading

To hear your voice

To Hear Your Voice by Minna Von Walden Ring after ring, she didn’t answer. A sadness in his heart as he waited, listening to her voice mail greeting. The tone, a deep breath… Continue reading

Here son, a flower for your girl

Here son by Minna Von Walden Here son, give your girl a flower. Let her know she’s even more beautiful than any bloom. Take her hand and hold it. Show her you will… Continue reading


Grateful by Minna Von Walden I lay awake in bed most nights, unable to sleep and unwilling to really try. Just laying in bed with you is better than sleeping. I lay there,… Continue reading

Your view of the world

Your view of the world by Minna Von Walden Your view of the world is blurred. You can’t possibly see it clearly if you don’t open your mind to other thoughts. Thoughts that… Continue reading

The world

The World by Minna Von Walden He told her that she deserved the world at her feet. She didn’t agree, because to her, he was the world and He deserved far better than… Continue reading

Are they?

are they? by Minna Von Walden What is a man without a woman, or a woman without a man? They are still just a man and a woman. But, are they all they… Continue reading

Into the depths of you

Into the depths of you by Minna Von Walden Into the depths The light of her eyes, a sparkle that moves his soul. An energy pulling him near, Closer, deeper into the depths… Continue reading

That kind of love

That kind of I love you by Minna Von Walden I Love you. Not just an “I care for you kind of love” or lust disguised as love. But a feeling deep in… Continue reading