Monthly Archive: April, 2016

Why does she?

Why does she by Minna Von Walden Why does she write? Why does she share her words with a world full of strangers? To free herself. Free herself of all the words swimming… Continue reading

Are they?

are they? by Minna Von Walden What is a man without a woman, or a woman without a man? They are still just a man and a woman. But, are they all they… Continue reading


Over by Minna Von Walden She sat quietly. He knew it was over.

13 Creatives on Dealing with Disenchantment

I was recently asked how I deal with disenchantment as a writer, how do I create when I am not feeling creative. This article by¬†Kayla Minguez¬†at was the result. Kayla collaborated with… Continue reading