Falling out of love with you

8758025157_83b530c7b3_oFalling out of love with you
by Minna Von Walden

Falling out of love with you. It’s changing. Yes. It really is changing. I loved you so completely, so deeply, so unconditionally. “I will always love you.” That’s what I always said. I believed it too, completely. I told you once, “I’m moving on, I’ve met someone, and he is great, but I will always love you. Always.” I thought I would be in love with you forever. Forever.

But today. I thought of you today. I only thought of you. My heart didn’t flutter this time. I didn’t feel that tenderness in my chest. All I felt was…wait. What did I feel? I’m not really sure. I’ve always felt that complete love that radiated through my body, but not this time. It’s missing. Have I finally fallen out of love with you? After all these years, did you finally let go of my heart? Am I finally free to give that love to someone else?



photo credit: Backseat Sunset via photopin (license)